Shir Bar Tal, Founder and CEO of London Chess Academy 

I am an experienced chess coach, driven by a lifelong passion for the game. My journey in chess began at the young age of six and has since taken me on a journey of achievement and growth. In 2016, I was awarded the Regional Best Chess Coach Award in Israel.

  After moving to Los Angeles, I received training from American Life Senior Chess Master Mick Bighamian and was selected to be a top chess coach for the LA Chess Club at several schools, including Hillel Hebrew Academy, St. Martin of Tours School, The City Charter School, Sinai Akiba Academy, and St. Timothy. In July 2018, I was ranked in the top 100 USCF (US Chess Federation) blitz players, ranked 64 for women.   

After relocating to London in October 2020, I founded the London Chess Academy, where I have been helping hundreds of students achieve a 1500-2000 rating, both online and over-the-board.  

My unique approach to chess coaching involves adapting to each student's individual needs and learning styles. I have had the pleasure of working with a diverse group of students, ranging from successful business executives to young children, creative designers to electrical engineers. But, there is a common thread involving everyone at the London Chess Academy – the fun and joy of teaching and making progress in the best game that mankind has invented.

Vitali Golod, Grandmaster, our professional consultant.

In 1991, Golod became the Ukrainian champion and later moved to Israel. In 2004, he tied for 1st-2nd place in the Israeli championship in Ramat Aviv, and won a tournament in Santa Monica, California. In 2006, Golod won the Spring North American FIDE Invitational (GM-B section) tournament in Schaumburg, Illinois and shared third place in the Monarch Assurance Isle of Man International tournament. The following year, he tied for 1st-6th place in Isle of Man and finished second on tiebreak. In 2010, Golod tied for 1st-4th place in the Georgy Agzamov Memorial tournament and tied for 1st-7th place in the Master open tournament at the 43rd Biel Chess Festival. In the same year, he won the Israeli championship. Vitali’s pick rating was 2,606

Woman Fide Master, TOP Coach Flavia

Flavia became a Woman FIDE Master at 15 and has an International Master norm. Her highest FIDE rating was 2190. She is passionate about teaching chess, and has 10 years of experience. 
Flavia immerses her students in a reassuring and relaxed atmosphere. By creating fun but engaged learning, she is empathetic and adjusts her teaching style to each student's individual needs. Her lessons are well-planned and thought-out, she encourages and inspires them, ensuring each student gets the most out of the session. Helping to achieve their goals, her subtle but diligent approach has resulted in exceptional improvements and student advancement. Flavia has an academic background with a B.A. in Foreign Languages, Master's degree in Human Resources and People Management, and Master's degree in Digital Marketing and Communication.

Fide Master, TOP Coach Akin

Akin is a FIDE Master rated 2302. He has won several tournaments in Nigeria and the Challengers A section of the Gibraltar Festival 2019 in the UK. He is passionate about teaching and has 11 years of experience in teaching chess. Akin is a results-oriented coach who prioritizes setting goals and targets for improvement. He has successfully coached an Under 10 African Champion and the current Under 10 Nigerian Champion.  He is known for a rigorous regime, challenging students to reach their full potential. A truly unique coaching style, effective in producing results within a short period of time. Akin's combative instructions are designed to help students in developing self-discipline and a fighting mentality, ensuring they are tournament-ready! To complement the toughness in his coaching, he is also known for his passionate ability to analyze students' playing styles and incorporate their personalities into their game, ultimately helping to boost their confidence.

Akin is also a qualified lawyer with a Master's degree in Law.